Our Mission Statement

The mission of Children’s Chorus of Carroll County is to provide an accessible, quality music education and choral experience for children in central Maryland. Furthermore, it is dedicated to serving the community and helping children develop attitudes that will perpetuate lifetimes of joyful singing.

To those ends we provide:

  • Developmentally appropriate choral activities for children of all ages.
  • Highly qualified musical leadership and instruction.
  • A variety of performance formats, including artistic collaborations.
  • Exposure to and involvement in music from a wide spectrum of historical, cultural, and ethnic styles, thus nurturing a respect for diversity.
  • Opportunities which develop teamwork, personal excellence, self-discipline, responsibility, self‐control, self‐expression, personal confidence, and community service.

Established in 1985 by Idalea Rubin and Diane Jones, Children’s Chorus of Carroll County has grown from one group to several distinct groups of varying size and ages. Children’s Chorus of Carroll County is a 501( C ) 3 organization, affiliated with Carroll County Department of Parks and Recreation, McDaniel College, and the Community Foundation of Carroll County, and is governed by a Board of Directors representing the greater community.

The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing and monitoring the budget and all fiscal matters, setting policies and strategic plans, and promoting the Chorus in the greater community.

For the convenience of the Children’s Chorus of Carroll County, the board has created a member handbook. (The board may make changes to policies and procedures contained therein if the need arises).

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