Commissioned Musical Works

The following musical pieces were written for the Children’s Chorus of Carroll County as commissioned works. It is our honor to have been a part of their creation.

  • “Psalm 46,” by D.J. Sparr
  • “Te Deum,” by Richard Eichman
  • “Hippopotamathalium,” by D.J. Sparr
  • “The Letter” and ”Wesley Church,” by Dr. Larry Harris.
  • “The Journey to Ithaca,” by Garth Baxter
  • “And Death Shall Have No Dominion,” by Garth Baxter
  • “Songs of Life,” by Garth Baxter
  • “Carroll Canons,” (for band and chorus) by Dr. D.J. Sparr and Henry Ditman
  • “Journeys to Freedom: Rännakud Vabadusse,” by Rebecca Oswald