Grades 1-3, Les Petites Voix

Les Petites Voix


~7 to 9 years old (1st through 3rd Grade)


Mr. Joe Meerdter


The “Little Voices” of our second and third grade students start to grow and flourish in this group, where we focus on learning how to sing both individually and together as a choral group. Chorus members learn music reading, improve musicianship basics, and practice other fundamental concepts vital to their musical growth while expanding on the exploratory approach of musique joyeuse.

  • Audition: While no previous formal music instruction is necessary, there is an audition for this group.
  • Chorus Size: 12-18.
  • Performances: This group normally performs in the winter and spring celebration concerts.


Les Petites Voix will rehearse virtually through Zoom every Tuesday night during the school year from 6:15-7:15 pm. Noramally rehearsals would take place in the Sanctuary of the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church. Approximately 28 classes. 2 additional Saturday rehearsals during the year may also be required.


Tuition is $385 for the entire season.

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