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Why You Should Sing With Us

Music is a lifelong friend. Learning how to read and sing music not only helps children start a relationship with the incredible musical world around them, but also helps them discover more within themselves. Your voice is always with you. Why not learn how to make it a little more amazing every day? And when your child joins Children’s Chorus of Carroll County, the sum becomes more than its parts, so that the children create an exponentially more amazing sound — together.

But that’s just the beginning.

The Many Benefits of a Choral Music Education

  • Musicians Are Smart. Several studies have shown how musicianship helps with cognitive development in general, crossing hemispheres in the brain especially when combined with movement, and learning other subjects in school, most notably mathematics. Some of our songs even explore foreign languages. Traditional folk songs also encourage the exploration of a shared history and culture.
  • Practice Makes Perfect. Just like athletic sports, singing requires discipline. Like athletes, Chorus members are encouraged to practice their music outside of rehearsals as well, in order to stay in top vocal shape. And just like body-builders lift weights, proper form is also important when singing. So we teach proper vocal technique, breathing, and posture for a healthy approach.
  • Rise to the Challenge! Rehearsals constantly raise the bar and motivate your child to improve and master their music with finesse. Like running down the field to score a touchdown, your child can learn how to push themselves further to keep pace with fast tempos and sing those tough notes with distinction. You’ll start to notice the difference not only in the quality of what you hear, but in their persistence and confidence.
  • The Beauty of Music. The name of our “Bel Canto” choir means in Italian, “beautiful song.” Young men and women, boys and girls, need influences of refinement in their lives as examples of not only how to be a better musician, but how to be a better, more rounded and knowledgeable person. In Children’s Chorus, they’re exposed to a wide variety of beautiful songs from multiple continents and time-frames (and time signatures) to cultivate a genuine music appreciation and to inspire a deeper sense of creativity that grows with them — quite a step up from the music they hear from their friends on the schoolbus!
  • Find Your Voice, Find Your Path. Speaking of stepping up, Children’s Chorus is a great first step to put your child on the path to advancing their musical career. And while we encourage involvement even at the ripe age of 18 months in our Sing & Dance With Me program, it’s never too late to start singing!
  • It’s Fun! The Children’s Chorus of Carroll County offers a healthy after-school environment where kids can have fun, be social with others who share their interests and stay out of trouble.

Why Choose Children’s Chorus of Carroll County?

These are all great reasons for having your kid sing in a chorus, but why should you choose CCCC in particular? Children’s Chorus of Carroll County has a lot to offer for your elementary, middle, or high schooler’s musical growth.

  • A Commitment To Excellence. Our mission is dedicated to serving your children with a quality music education and choral experience that builds character and community around a lifelong appreciation of music. We believe that you should never be afraid of finding your voice and that you should always strive for excellence, both on an individual level and in the bigger picture with the harmony and teamwork taught in the Chorus itself extended to the community as a whole.
  • Enhanced Skill Development. Similarly, our subgroups of choruses along with our large full chorus are assets that empower CCCC choral directors to simultaneously provide individualized attention to Chorus members and room for growth and exploration. Younger children can learn from the example of their older peers, while the older children improve by demonstrating their best example. Our age-level focused, tight-knit choruses concentrate on and accelerate skill development.
  • Experience & Expertise. Our experienced staff of music directors and choir coordinators is ready and eager to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of music with your children. With several decades of combined experience in teaching music, our staff provides a strong base for musical growth.
  • Activities & Opportunities. Yes, there are concerts. But there’s also so much more! From trips to perform with other chorus groups in foreign countries or to compete in adjudications in Hershey Park, to caroling around Carroll County, to Sing-Ins, festivals, and more, there are plenty of activities for Chorus members and ways for parents to get involved. Plus, there are usually some great solo opportunities to deepen your music experience, too.
  • A Legacy of Excellence. Children’s Chorus has been enriching lives through music for 30 years and counting, and in that time, the Chorus has earned numerous awards. Several CCCC alumni have gone on to enjoy success in their music careers. But most importantly, awards aside, our mission has produced not only the sound of applause, but also the echo of laughter in the hearts of the singers and families involved.

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