Grades 4-6, Il Coro Della Bella Voce

Il Coro Della Bella Voce


~10 to 12 years old (4th through 6th Grade)


Rachel Morgan Im


“The Chorus of the Beautiful Voice” challenges its members with more advanced music and rewards them with a beautiful sound as they sharpen their skills as musicians. Spontaneity and choreography are engaged and the variety in music and singing styles increased. For example, among other things, the repertoire for this choir includes canons, descants, unison and two‐part harmony, multiple languages, and accompanied and unaccompanied a capella pieces.

  • Auditions: An audition is required for this chorus.
  • Chorus Size: 20-30.
  • Built into the rehearsal is a Basic Skills Class that is about 20 minutes long.
  • Performances: Della Bellas normally perform locally in a variety of venues and participate in the winter and spring celebration concerts.


Il Coro Della Bella Voce will rehearse every Tuesday night during the school year from 5:40-7:00 pm. Rehearsals will take place in the Sanctuary on the main level of the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church. Approximately 28 classes. 2 additional Saturday rehearsals during the year may also required.


Tuition is $490 for the entire season. This includes the integrated Basic Skills Class musicianship component.

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