Are You Ready to Sing?

Great! Children’s Chorus of Carroll County welcomes all voices. Our various programs have different age groups and requirements.

Step 1: Information

First, if you haven’t already, please take a look at our Choruses page and Concerts & Competitions page to learn more about our organization and make sure your child can meet performance date expectations. Then, if you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Step 2: Auditions

Auditions help us to ensure a quality sound in the chorus, give us insight into each singer’s voice, and help us know where to place your child in the chorus if they are accepted. It may sound silly, but your child will need to brush up on their “Happy Birthday” and “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” for singing at the audition, simple songs that can tell us a lot about how your child sings and listens.

Accepted choristers will be notified via email following the audition. For the normally scheduled May auditions, notifications go out late June.

If your child would like to join our older choral groups — Les Petites Voix, Il Coro Della Bella Voce, Cantare Bel Canto I or II — there is an audition requirement. Please refer to our Auditions page to find out how to prepare and what to expect. Sign up by clicking here for an audition slot.

Step 3: Tuition

Finally, once your child has been evaluated and accepted into the Chorus, the last step is paying tuition, the price for which varies depending on the chorus group. That’s it! Welcome to the Children’s Chorus of Carroll County!

The chorus season for all groups starts in tandem with the regular school year, in the fall, typically in Late August/early September, and ends in April/early May.

Visit the other pages in this section for more information on joining Children’s Chorus of Carroll County.

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