Contributions & Community

In Tune With The Community

Just as music notes can be tied and played together harmoniously, the Children’s Chorus of Carroll County embraces its ties with the surrounding community. As if we needed more “C’s” in our name, contributing talents to our community is important to us. Our members play an active role in the community with other music appreciation events in addition to our regular concerts and competitions. Activities may include caroling or parading through Westminster, hosting other musical groups from other countries, collaboration events, fun sing-a-longs, giving back through special ensembles or meals, or by joining forces and raising funds through local businesses, helping both parties while also raising awareness for the arts.

Please check out your member calendar or contact us for more information or to make a suggestion about upcoming community activities.

Fundraising Activities

We have participated in a variety of community fundraisers in the past, including restaurant fundraisers (for example, Giulianova’s 250 Inch Sub Fundraiser), silent auctions, and more.

Fundraisers may change from year to year. Please check out our blog section, your member calendar, or contact us for more information on this year’s fundraisers.

Advertise With Us

Local advertising helps to support our non-profit organization and keep our efforts going strong. Take a look at how you can become a financial supporter of the arts.

  • Program Ads: Learn more about why you should advertise with us, read our Ad Solicitation Letter.  Advertise in our printed music programs at performances (available for both the Winter and Spring Celebrations) by completing the Program Ad Form.
  • Sponsorships & Other Business Advertising: If you represent a local small business in Carroll County or the surrounding areas and are interested in advertising with us, please let us know through our Contact page. There may be several other opportunities ways in addition to  our program ads that you may be able to advertise or sponsor us.
  • Parent Shout Outs: Shout Outs are blurbs of pride and recognition you that parents insert into our programs to show their appreciation for their kids and the chorus. If you’d like to show your support, download the Shout Out form here.

Contribute Your Time, Talent & Treasure

Turn your active support of the arts into a reality by contributing to the Children’s Chorus of Carroll County.  Whether it’s Beethoven or Bublé, Mozart or Madonna, all musicians have to start somewhere.  And that somewhere usually isn’t some grand stadium or concert stage, but instead, a simple choir loft full of genuine people, with real passion.  You can be a part of that passion as a patron of the arts.  Your financial donations are always welcome, greatly appreciated, and vital to the growth and longevity of our mission.

Here are the Contribution levels.  We give special recognition in each of our Concert programs, Fall and Spring for those contributing to the Chorus:

Luminaries            $1000 and up (Underwrites Chorus attendance at adjudicated festivals)

Visionaries            $500 – $999 (Tuition for two student interns)

Leaders                  $250 – $499 (Partial scholarship)

Contributors        $100 – $249 (Snacks for a Chorus clinic)

Patrons                  $50 – $99 (Carroll County Arts Council membership)

Friends                  $50 (One month of office supplies for routine operations)

Since we are a 501( C ) 3 organization, any monetary contribution to the Children’s Chorus of Carroll County is tax deductible. Gifts may be mailed to the address below. Checks should be payable to “Children’s Chorus of Carroll County.”

Thank you for supporting us!

Children’s Chorus of Carroll County
c/o Carroll County Arts Council
91 West Main Street
Westminster, MD 21157

  • It’s easy to make a financial donation online via our Paypal account here.
  • You can also donate your time! There are plenty of ways that you can volunteer your time to help out the chorus. Keep an eye on our blog section for ways you can contribute your time.
  • Finally, a list of companies that offer donation matching opportunities can also be found here. Please double check with the company since their policies may change.